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Spirit Hawk Necklaces
A classic Navajo style bear.  The bail is part of this pendant which makes it very special
Hammered and stamped.
Trade Silver    $60.00 + shipping

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Each piece is unique and handmade so no two will ever be exactly alike...
Silver Bear / Pendant

Copper Crosses
The large Copper Cross is hammered and formed by hand. Then wrapped and soldered to make a very unique piece.
The large one is approx. 4" in height.
$ 65.00

The small Copper Cross is approx. 2.75" and is $50.00

I made this piece for my 
"Dancing Butterfly". 
It is Sterling Silver with four nice turquoise stones.
Copper Bold and Beautiful
 The pendant is hammered and stamped copper.  The beads are black hemitite. 
18" to 21"
The earrings are a matching design.

 $ 55.00  necklace
40.00 earrings
Founders Day, Pickens, SC
It was an honor to make this "Luna Moth" pendant
 for a beautiful couple

Bear Teeth & Claws w/ Sterling Silver caps
Seven Bear Claws, Seven Petals on each flower, Seven large turquoise stones.  This is my Seven Bear Claw Necklace all made of Sterling Silver and beautiful turquoise stones from Nevada. Although it looks heavy, it is a light easy to wear necklace, and feels really good. 
This piece is fashioned to resemble a very old piece that I fell in love with and was gifted on my 50th birthday.
A true treasure, I was blessed to be able to make it.
This piece will sell  for $1,200.00

If any of these pieces interest you, I can reproduce most of them for you.
Sterling Silver Feathers
These simple feather necklaces are the perfect gift. They just feel so good. 

Abalone with Sterling Silver Accents
Abalone mixes so nicely with sterling silver.  Picture Jasper also makes a great statement mixed here with blue glass beads.. No two will ever be exactly alike. Beads will vary.  
Silver & Copper Beauty
MMN 801
I have hammered three seperate pieces to make this nice piece.  The top two are of sterling silver and the larger piece in the back is copper.  $75.00
Crazy Heart
Lovely floating heart a little on the crazy side. The howlite bead strand is 21" with silver cones gracing the ends. Beads may vary slightly.

Necklace:  $60.00




I am Joy Spirit Hawk Evans and am of Cherokee decent.  I have always loved the beauty of Indian jewelry and knew this is something that I wanted to create. I am self taught in this American Indian tradition.
I design, cut, shape, file, solder, handhammer and polish each piece of my jewelry in the old southwest Indian way, a very unique & original manner.  No two pieces are ever exactly alike.  This style of jewelry making is truly American.  It not only is a monetary investment but an investment in beauty to enjoy every minute of the day.  I combine the elements of beautiful white silver & lovely blue turquoise which symbolizes the western sky's & the silver white clouds over the southwest Indian country.  I also use the earth elements pewter, copper and trade silver along with the rocks & gems dug from our part of Mother Earth, the Blue Ridge Mountains.  
The Cherokee called the Blue Ridge "Sah Ka Na Ga" which means
"The Great Blue Hills of God".
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Jasper Jewel
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A great tear drop Jasper stone enveloped in sterling silver twists & silver teardrops.  The top of the pendant is graced with a stamped copper accent.  I only have one of these great stones left.
The stone colors and markings vary.
Jasper is known as a stone of gentleness, comfort, & relaxation. "The nurturing stone".                       $225.00