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I received your video yesterday.  I have watched it 3 times already.  Not only did  I enjoy what you had to talk about, but most of all listening to you tell it.  I could have gone 2 more hours maybe more!  I am so glad I have purchased your video and now really look forward to some of your other...   
 JM      CA

"After seeing the hawk, I want your whole collection, just wish that I could also afford one of your beautiful sheaths.  Hopefully one day soon  Keep the fine workmanship coming.     

"The hawk is fantastic, it was everything I expected and more."

"Received the knife safely, I took it outside stripped saplings for a new sweatlodge with it, passed a ceramic rod down it twice,
and it was sharp enough again to shave with - this is a blade that will serve me  (and my future generations) for years to come."

Received the knife safely this morning - more incredible than the first!!!  Truly a work of art, and an everyday knife for 'wildcrafting' and camping!!!!  No chance of me 'gifting this one like the first, no matter how many times "I really like that" is said!!!!    OH 

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SpiritHawk Art  

email me
Today afternoon, the item arrived safely and unopened by the Brazilian Customs, as I expected.  The knife & sheath are really superb in every aspect and fits completely my taste & expectatives.  Better: it will be the right & nice companion for the tomahawk I purchased from you few months ago.  
I like very, very much the elegance of your work & your extreme attention to details.  Besides this, is much clear that your knives are truly working tools with a refined & nice "Indian/frontier" soul.

Received the knife safely this morning-as slways-exceptional artisanship/workmanship-that bone handle fits perfectly in the hand!!!!

I thought that Daniel Winkler was in a class of his own....until I saw what YOU make!  YOU are in a class of YOUR own!  Your sheaths are out of this world and very authentic.  I will place an order for one of them soon as well!

White Wolf Rules!

Thank you so much for the heart and soul you put in  the two knives and hawk you made for me.  When I opened the box and saw that hawk I just could not believe it.  I now have a great collection of your fine work including a neck knife,  belt,  belt knife,  tomahawk,  scalp lock, and a customized .45/70 Sharps rifle.  And also from Spirit Hawk several necklaces and earrings that my wife loves.  I am sure the Great Indian Spirits are very proud also.  Looking forward to doing many  more projects with both of you.

Your Friend

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Special Blessings and Thanks to Joy Spirit Hawk Evans who reminds us to keep doing what we love just by her and White Wolf's existence!

Riverfalls, SC
Dear Joy Spirithawk, I met you and purchased several of your pieces at hearts square.  I like your web site and have marked it in my favorites.  We are enjoying our original pieces.  I would appreciate a heads up when you add more of your treasures to your pages before any more shoppers beat me to it.  Melissa's turquoise necklace was too beautiful.  I think I need one for myself in the future.  Many thanks

I have to say...I was a little apprehensive when I bought this......BUT, you should be so proud of yourself,  my son and I have never seen such a beautiful knife and we have a LOT of them.


“I  couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package.  I couldn't have dreamed of a sheath and knife any better."

"I'm at a loss for words. . . . .just  WOW !!!